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Sassy Nails

725 Parkway Suite 5, Sevierville TN 37862
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Want gorgeous looking nails? Nails that you’ve always wanted to have? Dream no more! Sassy Nails will make it come true! Nails have always been a part of a woman’s fashion and self-expression, which is why at Sassy Nails, we understand how important it is for our customers to have the best manicures and pedicures in Sevierville.

Many times, busy schedules and a lack of time to nurture your nails will result in your hands becoming neglected. We use our hands for multiple activities throughout the day, but it seems that many women cannot find the time to give their nails the attention that they deserve.

Nails are our passion, and we strongly believe that nails can also be a mirror of one’s personality through choices of colors and designs. Whether you like your nails simple or colorful, each design, color or piece of nail art can be a reflection of you.

At Sassy Nails, we make sure that every customer will be treated like a queen by our very friendly and professional staff, using only top of the line equipment and the best products. So come and visit us today! Sit back, relax and experience the magic that we can do to your nails!

Call us today at 865.428.6114865.428.6114 to get started, or provide us some information, and we'll contact you: